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Who am I ?

Passionate about the art of Bonsai for years and after training with professionals, I am committed to selling bonsai at the fairest possible price.

Most of them come from Japanese nurseries, chosen and worked with care.​

I offer bonsai for all budgets, very high quality trees for enthusiasts, trees under construction with good foundations for people who like to work on their trees and less expensive trees for beginners.

All my trees are worked on throughout the year!

At Kashi Bonsai, the trees are all worked throughout the year, to make them evolve in the right direction and offer the best value for money to customers.

They are repotted in good substrates if I receive them in a season suitable for repotting

My passion is not to sell bonsai, but to work with them, take care of them and make them evolve in the right direction to be able to offer enthusiasts or beginners quality trees.

Don't hesitate to take a look at the useful information to find out more about deliveries and in the blog in which I will regularly publish advice (watering, pruning, etc.) and various articles to help you!

Pottery and tools will soon arrive on the site!

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Acer Buergerianum Ishizuki

Trident maple or Buerger maple, Kaede in Japanese.

Ishizuki means on rock.

Bonsai from my personal collection.

This is one of my favorite species, the trident is robust, grows very strong and responds very well to pruning and repotting.

The branching is built very quickly.

It takes on magnificent fiery colors in autumn.

Ideal species for beginners!

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